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Institutions (library, math department) have to declare the IP ranges of the computers attached to their subscription. Every reader of the institution using a computer with an IP adress in the declared range will gain access to the SMF journals without using an individual account.

A couple of days may be necessary after asking for opening the access or modifying the IP ranges. An email will be sent when the requirement will be taken into account.

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Individual members

An individual member will get a direct access to his subscriptions after connection to his account.

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Rules for electronic access

Title Access
Annales scientifiques de l'ÉNS - 2019-2023
Astérisque - 2013-2023
Bulletin de la SMF - 2018-2023
Revue d'histoire des mathématiques - 2019-2023
Mémoires de la SMF - 2013-2023
Only for subscribers
Gazette des mathématiciens - 2004-2023 open

A subscription to a journal for the year N gives electronic access to all issues of this journal from january 1st of year N until february 15th of year N+1. Five years after publication (ten years for the Mémoires de la SMF and Asterisque), issues  are freely available on our website. Old issues which are not on the SMF website are all archived on the Numdam server (


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